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Lavender Herb And Essential Oil

My journey toward holistic health began shortly after my first child Brenna was born. Prior to that I had been raised on modern medicine and had gone to school to become a Physical Therapist where I was educated in modern medicine and its most up to date clinical application. After Brenna was born I began to see that the modern medicine I knew so well had a lot of short comings. Now don’t get me wrong we have an amazing healthcare system in America and it does a fantastic job at managing trauma and life threatening conditions. Where it falls short is in managing the day to day and chronic health concerns. It is far too reactive and not nearly proactive enough to support true health and wellness.

Now back to the birth of my sweet Brenna. When my sweet brand new baby was born we were blessed with a very healthy little girl. I took this precious new life home with the new sense of responsibility and worry that comes with being a new parent. At the age of 8 weeks this sweet little baby caught her first cold and like any diligent new mommy I called my pediatrician and was more than a little upset that the only thing they could recommend was baby saline and a humidifier. I was blown away that with all of modern medicine’s advancements there wasn’t more that I could do!! To top it off that sweet little girl also developed Colic resulting in long sleepless and nerve wracking nights!! It was at this point that I realized there had to be something else out there! That began my study into herbs. I studied and researched and learned to make salves, teas, tinctures and poultices. I loved having these natural resources at my fingertips and they worked amazingly well!!

Fast-forward 3 years and my handsome son Jacob was born. We were again blessed with a healthy baby and I had become comfortable with my go to herbs and remedies. However, with each new child comes a new set of challenges. Jacob had a very sensitive and immature digestive system. As a nursing mom I had to limit my diet to all but the blandest of foods and that trend continued as we began to move into baby food as he became older. Everything seemed to upset his little tummy and he was having too many acidic runny diapers a day resulting in a constant diaper rash that no matter how fast we changed him seemed to scald and sometimes blister his delicate little bottom. Diaper changes all too often resulted with both of us in tears. The gentle herbs I knew helped to soothe the skin and he never seemed to be in any distress until he had a dirty diaper. Once again I turned to my pediatrician but the only options he could give me was to wait and see if he outgrew it or put him on an antacid. I hesitated to turn to an antacid afraid it would perpetuate the cycle even more. About this time I was in a women’s group at church and I was expressing my concerns and one of the moms casually mentioned trying essential oils. I was intrigued, I was familiar with essential oils for aromatherapy or using something like peppermint or eucalyptus to support airways but I didn’t know much beyond that. So I went home and began to research with a due diligence that only a parent facing a concern for her children could do. I spent 4 months reading everything I could on oils and researching the different companies that sold them. After all this I finally made my choice and bought a small starter kit. I was so excited and hopeful that this would help my son but I still wanted to make sure it was safe. So the first person I applied an essential oil to was myself. Satisfied I began to apply the digestive essential oil blend in a diluted concentration to my son’s belly with each diaper change. Within a few days I started to notice a difference, he was having fewer dirty diapers and they weren’t as acidic or blistering. This change in pattern allowed my healing salve to completely heal up his bottom. We continued this trend for about 8 weeks and during that time we were able to slowly start adding a variety of foods to his diet with great success. Now he is a very happy 3 year old who eats whatever he wants without any trouble and we only have to apply the digestive blend for those occasional tummy upsets!!

After seeing how successful the essential oils were for my son I began to expand out and learn more and I haven’t turned back since!! These oils have changed the health and wellness of my family and myself in an unbelievable and positive way. If you want to learn more about my preferred brand of essential oils and the company I am completely in love with you can reach out to me by filling out the form below to learn more!!