Balance and Fall Prevention Program

In my 11 years as a physical therapist I have learned that impairments of gait and balance are one of the top reasons our older populations loose their independence and ability to continue living an active and fulfilling lifestyle. I have seen too many older adults who have suffered a fractured hip, shoulder, or head injury as a result of a preventable fall. These injuries usually result in surgery, lengthy hospital stays and rehabilitation. For many it means no longer being able to stay in their beloved home and a loss of their freedom and quality of life. Sadly many of these falls could be prevented with proper health screenings and preventative intervention and all too simple changes to the home environment.

This is why I have developed my Balance and Fall Prevention program. My goals is to keep our older adult population as active and healthy as possible through balance screenings and customized exercise and wellness programs. I also provide home safety evaluations to recommend simple changes and tools that can make an incredible difference in preventing injury and loss of freedom.

If you would like to learn more about my program or set up an appointment for a balance screen or home safety evaluation please contact me  below.