The lazy days of summer are coming to an end as many of us prepare to send our kids back to school. For my family that means our first year of home school for my new 1st grader is about to start! I love that in our home essential oils are a vital tool in our school routine! I find that there are 3 key areas that essential oils provide amazing support in and are so important to setting up your child for a successful school year. These areas are Immune Support, Proper Rest and Stress Management and Improved Focus and Mental Clarity. (Let’s be honest these 3 area aren’t just important for the kiddos but for everyone’s health and wellness!) Let’s take a look of each of these areas and the oils you can use to support and improve them.


Did you know that over 32 million kids missed school last year due to illness!! Unfortunately schools are a breeding ground for germs and we all know how good kids are at sharing them! There are many key factors that play into a healthy immune system including nutrition, gut health, proper rest and teaching our kids good hand washing and hygiene habits (resistant lice = no sharing of brushes or hair accessories!) In addition to a good diet, my kids love the chewable A2Z vitamin that doTERRA has and I often add the liquid Omega oil to their yogurt (it is wild orange flavored and I add it to plain vanilla yogurt with a little fruit and it is delicious!) I know these supplements help provide a good source of vitamins and minerals that they may not get enough of in their diet because well they are kids and can be a little picky and don’t always eat all their veggies ūüėČ The omegas are so important for brain functioning and support! Since 70% of our immune system is in our gut a good high quality probiotic or foods rich in probiotics¬†are an absolute must to keep the digestive system healthy. We also love the doTERRA OnGuard Blend in our house it is full of essential oils such as Clove, Cinnamon, Wild Orange, Eucalyptus and Rosemary which all help to boost and support the immune system. We apply it topically¬† (diluted of course) or diffuse daily to keep their immune system up and I also incorporate into our hand soap, household cleaners, and travel hand sprays to keep the whole house healthy! (If you are interested in natural cleaning recipes be sure to sign up for my newsletter and receive a Free copy of my ebook Naturally Clean: Recipes For Your Home, it is full of my favorite cleaning recipes!)


Sleep! As a mom I always feel like that is where I am lacking, anyone else in the same boat?! Even though I am most definitely sleep deprived I work hard to make sure my kids aren’t! Proper rest is so crucial to not only our immune system but our emotional and mental health and plays a huge role in our ability to cope with stress! Our students need over 8 hours of sleep (more for those younger elementary students) to be healthy and function at their best. Setting a regular bedtime and wake up time routine is key to getting enough sleep. Luckily there are several oils that help to calm the mood, relax the mind and promote a restful night’s sleep. My favorites are Lavender, Serenity Blend, Balance Blend, Frankincense, Cedarwood, and Sandalwood. I absolutely love putting Frankincense and Lavender in my diffuser at night! It helps to turn the chatter off in my head and I sleep amazingly!! My daughter loves lavender and has her own doTERRA touch Lavender roller bottle that she applies to her feet and neck nightly. My son does better with Cedarwood and Lavender in the diffuser. I love that the oils work with our bodies and we all can use something different but get the same results!

Last but certainly not least we want to help our kids focus and think clearly so that they can learn and establish successful study and test taking habits. Again setting up a routine is so important!¬†¬†Setting a designated time and place to study that is free from distractions is one really important component as well as finding the right blend of oils that will help them focus. Some key oils to try are doTERRA’s InTune Blend, Motivate Blend, Wild Orange or Citrus Bliss with Peppermint, or Rosemary with Lemon all make great blends to either apply or diffuse in the area they are studying. Did you know that smelling the same scent during a test that you smelled while studying helps improve recall?! There have been actual studies that have shown the scent of rosemary helps improve concentration and memory! I absolutely love the benefits of these essential oils! If your kiddo is needing help staying focused at school or you want to utilize the research and send them into a test with the same aroma they used to study I highly recommend diffuser jewelry. There are so many options and styles for both younger and older kids and boys and girls. You can easily find them on amazon, etsy or even a google search!

Finally I wanted to share with you my own family’s personal routine. I feel like figuring out the routine can be a challenge especially if you are new to essential oils. Sometimes seeing what has worked for others can help you figure out what to try. Just remember everyone is different so don’t be afraid to play around with your own combination to find what is best for your family. We aren’t perfect but these are the oils we try to use on a daily basis.¬†Mornings are all about waking up and getting grounded for the day! This is also when we take our supplements and support our immune system. Midday is about staying out of that afternoon slump and improving focus and mental clarity. Then at night it is time to start the bedtime routine and get everyone calmed down for a restful night’s sleep!


If you want to learn more about essential oils please be sure to check out my Events and Education Page for upcoming events, I do have 2 online events this month that focus on using essential oils for a successful school year. Or you can sign up for my Natural Solutions ecourse and receive an educational email a day for 7 days. Click on the link below to get started!

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